10 Copycat Recipes from Restaurants & Brand Name Recipes Free eCookbook


10 Copycat Recipes from Restaurants & Brand Name Recipes Free eCookbook


Ten Copycat Recipes eBook
Ten Copycat Recipes eBook

We've rounded up some of your favorite famous restaurant recipes and brand name cooking recipes into a handy collection,10 Copycat Recipes from Restaurants & Brand Name Recipes Free eCookbook. This eCookbook has easy recipes for thrifty cooking!

Times are tough economically for nearly everyone and with that we’re all cutting back on expenses and luxuries, such as eating out at restaurants. Fear not, there are fun and easy ways to become a frugal foodie: Make your favorite restaurant dishes and brand name foods at home in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Copycat recipes from restaurants are easy and fun to make and dinner will be a fraction of the cost that it would be if you were eating out.

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looking for Red Lobsters pina colada dipping sauce

Love to get a restaurant in Pensacola Fl soup kitchens potato Gouda .

I'm looking for longhorns recipe of their Rattlesnake bites .

I cant find Longhorns recipe

Hi friends! Do you mean Texas Roadhouse's rattlesnake bites? The copycat recipe for those can be found here: https://bit.ly/36eo88J Hope that helps!

I don't get it! How are you supposed to download the ebook???? The other ones didn't give me this kind of trouble!!??

Does anyone have the recipe for Lambert's thrown rolls in Missouri or a bread recipe that the bread rose three times before cooking. My mother use to make it and made cinnamon rolls. They were the best.

I tried the Homemade Panera Autumn Squash Soup and it was incredible!

Do you happen to have Paneras potato soup?

I am looking for the recipe for Chi Chi' Resturant's Cancun. It is a seafood enchilada with sauce and sides. PLS HELP!!

I would love to have a recipe for Sugar Sweet Carrots served at Albie's Beef Inn in Mission Valley, San Diego, CA


a recipe for corn cakes from the wild fork Tulsa oak

I would love to have the recipe for Guatemalan "Pollo Campero"

For fast food, KFC has incredible biscuits. I'd love to learn how to make them.

Mmmmm those biscuits look amazing! It'd be the perfect thing to make with fried chicken or stew

chicken marsala

We do have a copycat recipe for Olive Garden's Chicken Marsala on the site, though it's not in the eBook. You can paste this link into your URL bar to find it http//www.allfreecopycatrecipes.com/Chicken-Entrees/Olive-Gardens-Stuffed-Chicken-Marsala


If you would like you can try our version of Firecracker Shrimp. Just copy and paste this link into your browser http//www.allfreecopycatrecipes.com/Seafood-Entrees/Takeout-Firecracker-Shrimp

Have you tried this recipe? What did you think?

I'm looking for a recipe from Anne and Tony's in West Jefferson Ohio for Artichoke dip

I'm looking for recipe from Anne and Tony restuarnt in West Jefferson Ohio for artichoke dip.

I AM looking for recipe of a dish served in Chinese restaurant made with crab some veggies with a sauce.

looking for a copycat recipe for Calif. Pizza Kitchen Salad from about 5 yrs ago. Can't find it anymore. Some of the ingredients: "chopped Salad" , chopped chinese cabbage, smoked applewood bacon, carrots, Jicama, bleu cheese. I can't remember it all, maybe beets. Would love to find the recipe, or bring it back.

Thank you!

I like OLIVE GARDEN, PASTA e FAGILio soup DO you have this, IF NOT CANCEL ALL.

You can find AllFreeCopycatRecipes' Copycat Pasta E Fagioli Soup recipe here: http://www.allfreecopycatrecipes.com/Starters/Olive-Garden-Pasta-E-Fagioli. For more great copycat Olive Garden recipes, just type "Olive Garden" into the search bar!


looking for an apple turnover recipe made with fresh apples and pizza dough ................................ any one ???

We don't have one on any of our sites just yet, but we will be sure to look for one for you!

no comment but I might try it

I'm gonna try it!



These recipes all seem so delicious!!!!!!

no comment

Where do you shop for GROCERIES

I'm gonna make those.

ok! I pay nothing ! great!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking for Chicken Salad Chick's basic chicken salad recipe.

looking for the Chopt restaurant's Spa Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing recipe

Looking for the Tuxedo Cake recipe made by Costco. I'm moving far away from any Costco store and won't be able to get my fix.

Am looking for Ruby Tuesday recipe of their great Blondies. best I have ever eaten. Irene

need the recipe for the Miami Cuban Sandwich sauce made at Sarussi Restaurant

No Vietnamese stuff--Spring Rolls, Coconut milk pork, etc.?

new to the site so don't know yet will let ya know later but thanks fer sharing.

I'm looking for the muscadine sauce recipe similar to the one used by Callaway Gardens.


Your site is truly a 5 STARTS, thank you for sharing.

Your site is truly a 5 STARTS, thank you for sharing

awesome site :)

Looking for recipe for Pernicano's Spagetti sauce.

Disappointing to say the least.

Not good at all - will never visit again - cannot get to recipes

hello....olive garden uses pre-made soups in their own restaurants...it is made somewhere else and brought in daily...they are not made locally in their own place....so i guess we are making it better than them...lol

Trying to find a recipe for Spaghetti Warehouses Stuffed Mushrooms. They have ground pork, spinach and Italian cheese. they get stuffed inside of little mushroom caps and topped with marinara sauce. HELP!!!


I would like to have the recipe for cheesecake factories meatloaf and succotash

I hate this web site you can't find the recipes and too many ads.

Upon looking at the Site you DO Get Excited Where-else may one come and go to find How a ginger-snap snaps or a cousin without sin those spices used in chicken without double-dipping Coming into the Download arena it is not big enough a wedding cake Step down into the alchemy of gold When you have been fishing all night long in a cold igloo out on frozen Ice a small write-up about the evil deeds done with copy CKat Recipes' who shall it be today the anticipation is a Seller in itself then on to the download arena with some comment fields and a Blog for Customer support to leave GOD KNOWS WHAT Recipes Coupons Links Shares Likes And Social Entertainment WIN-win No glass at Pool-side no Running while swimming It is the LAW Enjoy You and yours' Summer where Life is a Beach in Americas' Finest City by mottoRead More

Thanks a lot for this site and shares I love it and can't wait to start putting them to use.


These are great recipes, very easy to copy. I love it.

I have used this site before and I am back - This is a great site!


great recipes i will have my daughter learn to cook

i want their bread recipe

no interest in what is displayed

Like them


havnt seen anything yet

shirley howe would like the recipe for Stingrays, Metairie, La sweet potato hush puppy with powder sugar

Hi mugwummp1 5802045 - To get this free eCookbook, simply click on one of the links above that says "Download the 10 Copycat Recipes from Restaurants and Brand Name Recipes." You may need to make sure you have an updated version of Adobe installed on your computer in order to access the file. Hope this helps! -Editors of AllFreeCopycatRecipes

how do i get my free girl scout cookie cookbook?? I just signed up and can not find it??

I am looking for "JACK IN THE BOX" CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD CAKE RECIPE !! Do you people have that ? A friend of mine has a kid with special needs & her b-day is coming up & she just "LOVES" I MEAN LOVES this cake & I have looked everywhere for the recipe & I would so love to make it for her instead of just going to Jack in the box & buying it for her. She so should have someone make it from scratch for her. If anyone knows where to find it please leave a post here & I will be checking back every couple of days in hopes of someone having it !! Thank u

I would like to find the recipe for Chicken Salad from either Newk's in Mississippi or Jason's Deli. What spices do they use?

I have some from 7 yrs. ago , I'm looking for vanilla cookie pie crust not waffers .

I would like the macaroni & Cheese receipe from Rocky & Carlo's Restaurant in Chalmette, Louisiana

I would rather have an actual book to look things up in.

I can't print it. That's depressing

Had a very good lunch today. Where is the receipe. Prawns over crab cake with a sauce. What are the ingredients.

Great book an I definitely downloaded this one!


unable to download

looking for a recipe for baja fresh fish sauce,please

I don't know if you tried foodnetwork.com. Here's the one I found. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/40-a-day/baja-fish-tacos-recipe/index.html

im looking for a surtain recepe crab rolls from seabreeze restraunt in tampa fl. how do i get this

the word is certain not surtain. Can you cook? You sure can't spell.

Maybe Deborah Young has potential on Jack Ass Here's the recipe Ingredients cups onion cup green bell pepper tablespoon garlic cup celery cup olive oil cup water oz can tomato puree oz can tomato paste tablespoons oregano flakes pounds blue crab claw meat fresh or frozen Oil for deep-frying For the dough loaves white bread loaves Cuban bread tablespoons crushed red pepper Vigo bread crumbs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Directions Finely dice and coarsely mix first four ingredients in blender Saute with oil and water over very low heat to hours until soft Add tomato puree tomato paste and red pepper and cook on low heat for hour Stir often Add oregano Mix well cook minutes more Let cool until room temperature Sauce will be very thick While sauce is cooking make filling Flake crab meat into large bowl Add sauce gradually until meat is moist and holds together Place in refrigerator Wash handsRead More before making the dough Add enough water to moisten the bread Mash bread and water with your hands until loose doughlike consistency You'll need three separate pans one for meat one for dough and one for bread crumbs Sit in a straight chair and place crumb pan in lap dough on one side meat on the other Place hands in bread crumbs Drop a handful of dough in crumbs and roll lightly Mash in palm of hand to inch thickness and to inches in diameter Place heaping tablespoon of meat onto center of dough Fold up all sides coming together at the top Pinch off excess dough and put into dough pan Drop devil crab into crumbs and roll into shape desired Continue with remaining dough and crab filling You may need to add a small amount of water to dough as time passes Mix well To cook heat oil in deep fryer to Roll cakes again in bread crumbs before frying as they often lose crumbs over time Crab meat should be centered surrounded by dough of uniform thickness inch to inch thickness Cook seven minutes or until golden brown Enjoy with hot sauce

Where are all of the recipes?

columbia house salad recipe


Broccoli Salad

i am also having trouble downloading the recipes. Is this how this web site works? If so, I am not interested! And, I am using firefox.

I am looking for the recipe for european truffle pie from village inn. Also one that may be really hard to get, the recipe for the italian meatloaf that olive garden used to serve. Thanks!


I am looking for 2 recipes from Kanpai of Tokyo. One is for their Salad dressing (mustard based I think) and the other is for the Cream cheese pudding. I understand they are no longer serving this. I love them both.

I would like the recipe for Applebee's Walnut Blondie dessert.

@wallsd21 6764502 - Unfortunately we do not currently have that recipe on our site, however we have several other Applebee's copycat recipes that you might enjoy, including a few desserts. You can find them here: http://www.allfreecopycatrecipes.com/?task=search&search_term=applebee Hope this helps! -The editors of AllFreeCopyCatRecipes

If you want I can email it to you! My email is tellmeimanangel@aol.com, but you will have to give me a couple of days and I can send it your way. Just remind me of what you are asking in the subject line. I hope I can help. Angel

I would like the fish coating recipe that Sirloin Stockade uses on the fried fish they serve, please.

would you guys be able to get the recipe for the 99 restaurant chains Calypso Coconut Shrimp starter. ive been looking online for any kind of coconut shrimp recipe like it but have had no luck finding them. was planning on cooking it as a starter for valentines day dinner :)

Im looking for a recipe from La Madeleine it is there lemon tart...any help thanks

@tkr59 9310986, Unfortunately, we do not have any recipes from La Madeline or for Lemon Tarts on AllFreeCopycatRecipes at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience, --editors of AllFreeCopycatRecipes

I need on the Boarders Chili Relleno recipes

Recipes from BJs ??

oh boy


i am looking forward to use cooking


This is a joke in bad taste!!!! A waste of time, spending an hour turning down stupid offers. You have no use for and not gettin what you came to this site for. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB !!!!!

@strokers2u 1343652, Unfortunately, we do not have information on either of your requests on our site at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience, --Editors of AllFreeCopycatRecipes


I need info on -- Long John Silvers --Batter they use-----and Cracker barrels hush puppies--thank you for your help

i have the actual recipe for long john silvers batter...was given to me from my mother inlaw. she got it from someone there

Did you get this batter recipe, can you send it my way at tellmeimanangel@aol.com. Please! Thanks, Angel

can u also send me the batter recipes and i would love agood hush puppy recipe as well thank you.

I would like to get this recipe. Please send to agrapevine@yahoo.com Thanks loads


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