Baking Bread: 9 Types of Bread and 9 Bread Recipes


Baking Bread: 9 Types of Bread and 9 Bread Recipes

Learn about a few different types of bread and try a few recipes for these kinds of bread.

Baking Bread

There are so many different kinds of bread that it's almost overwhelming when trying to select one to bake. In this article, Baking Bread 9 Types of Bread and 9 Bread Recipes, you will familiarize yourself with a whole scope of fresh baked goodness. From Southern staples like biscuits to worldly rolls, these quick bread recipes are sure to satisfy. You will find that bread baking is much easier than it looks, and when you've finished, you'll have treats from all places and times. There's nothing as universal as an easy bread recipe.
Whether you crave a simple biscuit or a fancy braided bread, these nine types of bread and their accompanying recipes should fill you right up. Spanning regions as far-off as Italy to the familiarity of an Amish community, there is a style of bread for just about everybody. Did you know that monkey bread and Hawaiian rolls are about the same age? What is the legend behind the French baguette? And what on earth is the difference between a bun and a roll? After reading this article, you'll come out feeling like a bread connosieur.

9 Types of Bread and 9 Bread Recipes

  1. Biscuits. Often served with gravy, this is a popular breakfast dish in the Southern United States. There’s nothing heartier than a soft biscuit smothered in sausage gravy and seasoned with black pepper. The meal was created after the American Revolutionary War as a substantial and cheap way to start a laborer’s day. Now, it is a continental breakfast staple.

    Recipe: In just twenty minutes, you could be nibbling on this KFC Biscuit Copycat Recipe.

  2. Braided bread. Braided bread is known as “Challah” in Judaism where it originated as a special bread to help celebrate the Sabbath and other Jewish holidays. As the bread’s popularity spread to other cultures, new ways of eating braided bread began to emerge. Today, one popular way to enjoy this unique bread is to fill it with ham and cheese. Of course, slicing the bread and placing it under the broiler with ham and cheese on top is an acceptable alternative.

    Recipe: This Braided Egg Bread Recipe is made special with eggs and butter, and it is ever so easy to bake.

  3. Focaccia. Focaccia is an Italian flatbread similar to pizza dough. It is often topped with herbs and served as an appetizer. In fact, you’ve probably enjoyed focaccia at Italian restaurants on your own. It has become popular to dip focaccia in olive oil, sprinkled with pepper and parmesan. In Italy, however, olive oil is seen as too decadent to be used on something as ordinary as bread. It sure tastes good, however!

    Recipe: Warm and freshly baked, this rosemary-flavored Copycat Macaroni Grill Focaccia Bread Recipe will have you feeling you're at the restaurant with a white paper tablecloth and box of crayons.

  4. Friendship bread. Although often referred to as “Amish” friendship bread, there is no evidence that the bread originated in Amish culture. This type of bread is deliciously sweet and cakey, and it uses a sourdough starter. This starter is then passed around and shared with friends who then make the bread themselves. Due to the social nature of this bread, it is popular to give as gifts to friends and family, and is therefore a true community strengthener.

    Recipe: Give this Old-Fashioned Friendship Bread Recipe to your friends to show them you much you appreciate them.

  5. Monkey bread. This is popular in the United States, but it is virtually unknown elsewhere. Made from pieces of soft bread with cinnamon, monkey bread is great for breakfast or a pastry treat. The sweet and sticky bread first appeared in women’s magazines and cookbooks in the 1950s. In the history of breads, monkey bread is a mere baby – but it sure is delicious!

    Recipe: This Nancy Reagan's Monkey Bread Copycat Recipe is said to have been served at the White House by Nancy Reagan when she was the first lady.

  6. Hawaiian rolls. Originally known as “Portuguese sweet bread,” the name for Hawaiian rolls was popularized by the King’s Hawaiian bakery in the late 1950s. According to Portuguese tradition, this bread is made to celebrate Easter and Christmas, but as it was introduced to Hawaii, it become popular year-round. The bread is commonly served with butter or rice pudding, but that hasn’t stopped restaurants from serving it with meat like a hamburger as a way to mingle the sweetness of the bread with the savory flavor of meat.

    Recipe: If you have a gluten intolerance, you can still enjoy these wonderful homemade rolls with this Gluten Free King's Hawaiian Rolls Copycat recipe.

  7. French baguette. This long, crispy-crusted bread has become a French icon, but the bread itself probably originated elsewhere long ago. The word “baguette” didn’t exist until 1920, when it gained popularity abroad. The long, slender shape of the baguette means that it can be baked more quickly than other breads. This meant that baguettes became popular for breakfast, as bakers were restricted by law from working before 4 a.m. Long live the baguette!

    Recipe: You can make your own with this Easy French Baguette recipe!

  8. Buns. This type of bread is one of the best-known, as it is popularly sliced in half for sandwiches and hamburgers. Buns are almost always hand-sized with a rounded top and a flat bottom.

    Recipe: These Buttermilk Hamburger Buns are so quick and easy to make, you'll never pick up a package from the store again.

  9. Rolls. Another common type of bread, the roll is most often used as a side served with butter to accompany a larger meal. Rolls are popular worldwide but especially in Europe. After all, there is nothing more comforting than a warm roll fresh out of the oven.

    Recipe: These Just Like Texas Roadhouse Rolls are one of the most sought-after copycat restaurant recipes.

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