How to Brew the Best Coffee


How to Brew the Best Coffee

How to Brew the Best Coffee

There are many components that contribute to brewing the best coffee:

Coffee Quality & Freshness
Coffee Grind Size
Hygiene & Maintenance

Capresso Machine


In addition to the actual coffee beans, water is the most important element of the brewing process. Always use
fresh, cold water that is preferably filtered. It is necessary for the water to be as fresh and pure as possible
because water makes up over 98% of your final cup of coffee. Excessive chlorine and lime will adversely affect the
taste of the coffee. Filtered water typically holds the ideal mineral content and will help give your coffee a fresh

Coffee Quality & Freshness

You do not have to spend a lot of money to get a high-quality coffee. What is most important is to find a coffee
that you like and always ensure that you keep it at its’ freshest. Once you open a bag of coffee beans you should
store them in an airtight container in a cool, dry place that is free of odors and consume them within one week.
Never store coffee in the refrigerator or freezer as moisture can damage the flavor.

Coffee Grind Size

Ideally it is best to grind fresh whole bean coffee right before brewing. For drip coffee makers the grind should be
medium or similar to the texture of sand. If you find your brewed coffee tastes bitter, it may be over extracted or
ground too fine. Alternatively, if your coffee tastes flat, it may be under extracted or ground too coarse.


The amount of time the water is in contact with the ground coffee greatly affects the taste of your coffee. All
Capresso coffee makers brew in less than 1 minute per cup. Coffee brewed for longer than 1 minute per cup has a
tendency to taste bitter. You can also experiment with the coffee grind size to help speed up or slow down
brewing. Using a finer grind will yield in a faster brew while using coarser grinds will help slow down the brewing


Water temperature during brewing will affect your coffee’s flavor and extraction. The ideal water temperature
during brewing is between 195°F - 205°F. Once the coffee is brewed into the carafe the holding temperature is
around 180°F. The serving temperature of coffee is between 155°F - 175°F depending on personal taste.

Hygiene & Maintenance

It is important to maintain the cleanliness of your coffee maker and coffee equipment. Descale your coffee maker
every 2 -3 months if you have hard water or every 6 months if you have soft water. Using a charcoal water filter
or bottled water will help reduce the need to descale as often. Ensure the spray head, gold tone filter, filter basket
and water reservoir are also clean and free of lime scale.

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Good tips - thanks.

seems like everyone forgets to clean the machine, they only remember the basket carafe

For me.the hot coffee is my favorite go to beverage

My problem would be how to grind the beans in the morning without waking my child.

I like fresh ground coffee which I get at Publix.

ty 4 the great post

Or you can just buy a Keurig and their pods. The best cup of coffee I've ever had

The tips were great. I always assumed a bad cup of coffee was just that.

Thanks for all the good coffee making tips. They will help me make a better cup of coffee.

Thanks for all the good coffee making tips. I sure can use them!

This is pretty interesting and helpful! How can you tell if you ground it too course? Can you tell from just looking?

Great tips! Maybe now I can make better coffee. I love coffee but am not very good at making it. Maybe now I will be able to get it to turn out to be better and consistent in taste.

Coffee is my most loved beverage. I can hardly wait for the first cup of the day.

My favorite beverage in the winter is hot chocolate, but I always drink coffee, and all of these coffee tips are worthy!

These are some great helpful hints for making coffee!

Hmmm, maybe this will help if I try to make coffee for my husband! I don't drink it, so it's hard to tell when it's done properly!

Excellent Article! I add a pinch of salt to my coffee grounds because a friend told me long ago that it cuts bitterness. I will have to see if filtered water improves the flavor of my coffee.

i can't live without my Keurig!

You would never think that the temperature would make that big a difference in the quality of the coffee!

wow this would be so nice to win , i love hot chocolate in the winter , after im out hunting in the cold its either coffee or hot chocolate/

Man, I like coffee. I can't always get to it whenever I want, but when I DO get to have some, it just feels wholesome to have (to me). ore for satisfaction than to "wake up". )

I am totally addicted to coffee. This is some helpful tips. I was taught to always add a pinch of salt to your grounds.

These are excellent tips. Good things to know.

People might find this level of detail a bit much. They also wonder why coffee at work tastes like sludge.

I don't drink coffee very often but this was full of helpful reminders!

i knew most of this already but i really need to descale more often.

Well I learned something new today regarding the water being cold and preferably filtered. Makes sense as I don't drink the tab water anyway as I buy bottled or use a PUR filter.

Very interesting. Didn't know about the water being cold.

This is very informative info. Thank you.

This is very interesting. I love a good cup of coffee.

It all makes perfect sense, but somehow I still suck at coffee.

The K pod brewers have made me a bit lazy on these points but I know how essential it is to have a clean pot and good water. Thanks for the reminders.

Can't wait to try this method!

I never knew to use cold water for my coffee but I have already used filtered water. Thank you so much for great advice.

Was not aware how to correctly brew really wonderful coffee. Would love to try this

Didn't realize how little I knew about brewing coffee!

Great Advice, now for a cup of Blueberry Flavor

I've never knew how to make coffee. Thanks for all the good advice .

These are great ideas, thank you for the advice.

It sound like great advice

Great tips, and I always need a reminder to clean the coffee maker!

Thanks for the tips!

I do most of this already. It's the cleaning of the pot which is hardest. Thank you for all the tips.

Love the tips! I already do most of these things, but I have learned something new!! Thank You!!

Great Tips! Thanks!

Thanks for the tips..I can't fuction without my morning coffee

Sounds like great advice. I always use filtered water for everything. Who wants all that chlorine?


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