35 Copycat Chinese Restaurant Recipes


35 Copycat Chinese Restaurant Recipes

These recipes for Chinese food are just what you've been craving, from chicken fried rice to orange chicken!


35 Copycat Chinese Restaurant Recipes

These 35 Copycat Chinese Restaurant Recipes are some of the most classic carry out dishes. Leave that take-out behind, now you can make these copycat Chinese restaurant meals in your kitchen and on your own time. This list contains a wide variety of entrees, sauces, and sides. There are even healthy vegetarian options. With so many choices, it's easy to mix and match these delicious and easy Chinese dinner recipes.

If you are looking to serve dinner to a large crowd, these copycat chinese restaurant recipes are sure to please the whole party You can put together a make-at-home Chinese buffet.  During any season, any time of year, you can enjoy these family-friendly recipes.

Why run to the restaurant when you can cook up this copycat collection at home? Whether you're looking for beef, sauces, shrimp, or more, you'll find it in the list below. Impress your friends and family with your flair for Chinese restaurant-worthy cooking. You can even end your meal with a nice cup of rice wine and fortune cookies. Learning how to make Chinese food is a breeze with these recipes.

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Copycat Chinese Restaurant Entrees

What makes a copycat Chinese restaurant recipe stand out from the pack? It's the special blend of meat, rice, and spices that defines the flavors of classic Chinese cooking. No wok? No problem, these recipes are easily modified for at-home cooking. If you're searching for beef, chicken, noodles, or shrimp, take a look below and select your favorite. Pad Thai is even thrown into the mix. Get ready for a take-out fake-out with this appetizing mix of entrees. You'll be cooking up easy Chinese food in no time.

P.F. Chang's Orange Peeled Chicken Copycat

This copycat recipe is the perfect orange chicken recipe!

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Slow Cooker Beef & Broccoli

Skip the takeout and enjoy this better-for-you beef and broccoli.

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Panda Express Orange Chicken Copycat

This orange chicken recipe is loaded with all the classic flavors you expect to find. This chicken recipe can be served simply over a bowl of steamed rice or with vegetables. 

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Copycat Pei Wei Mongolian Beef

This copycat is even better than the real thing!

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Panda Express Glazed Lemon Chicken

Make it a fun family food night with this copycat recipe for lemon chicken!

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Cashew Chicken

For a Chinese restaurant-inspired recipe with extra flair, be sure to give this homemade chicken a try.

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Takeout Firecracker Chicken

This Chinese restaurant recipe is sure to give any dinner a zesty kick!

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Copycat General Tao's Chicken

This copycat is an American-Chinese General Tao recipe that tastes just like the dish you love from your favorite Chinese restaurant!

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Noodles and Co. Thai Peanut Saute

With soy sauce, chili sauce, and peanut sauce, this recipe is a blast of flavor.

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Healthy Mongolian Chicken Takeout Copycat

This copycat recipe is not only delicious, but it is also a healthier version of the popular takeout dish.

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Copycat Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken

Add some zest to your mealtime with this recipe for black pepper chicken!

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Skinny Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken

This honey sesame chicken is sweet, tender, and oh-so tasty.

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Takeout Firecracker Shrimp

Add a little extra zest to your dinner routine with firecracker shrimp!

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Crispy Honey Chicken Takeout Copycat

If you are looking for tasty, crispy, and easy chicken recipes, then you've come to the right place.

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Easy Curry Chicken

With curry sauce, bell peppers, carrots, and onions, this curry chicken will remind you of your favorite Chinese takeout restaurant.

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Copycat Chinese Restaurant Sauces and Dressings

No copycat restaurant dinner is complete without a light and satisfying sauce. These sauces are both light and full of flavor, a winning combination. Whether you like it spicy, like a red hot sriracha, or delightfully sweet and sour, there's something here for everyone!

Just Like Chinese Takeout Sweet and Sour Sauce

If you love Chinese takeout, you'll want to try it with this homemade sweet and sour sauce. 

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Applebee's Oriental Dressing Knockoff

This knockoff is the perfect dressing recipe!

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Simple Sweet and Sour Sauce

Complete your takeout meal with this easy recipe for sweet and sour sauce!

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Sweet And Sour Sauce

Another delicious sweet and sour sauce, perfect for dipping creamy crab rangoon and anything else you care to try. 

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Copycat Chinese Restaurant Sides

The perfect addition to any meal at a Chinese restaurant is a delicious side dish. Why not step up your culinary game by trying out new tricks in the kitchen?  Let these copycat Chinese restaurant recipes spark your creativity.

Chinese Takeout Fried Rice

If you were thinking about ordering in Chinese food, forget it.

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Homemade Egg Drop Soup

A restaurant classic that can easily be made at home!

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Just Like P.F. Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps

This recipe allows you to create the famous appetizer people are always talking about.

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Chinese Restaurant Banana Wontons

These banana wontons are just like the ones you can order at Stir Crazy!

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Takeout Lo Mein

On a Saturday night, doesn't Chinese food hit the spot?

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Copycat Cheesecake Factory Chinese Chicken Salad

Once you try this copycat recipe, you will want it again and again.

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Homemade Chicken Potstickers

Even the pickiest eaters won't be able to say no to these delicious dumplings.

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Lox Rangoons

This easy Chinese restaurant recipe is light on the waistline as well!

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20 Minute Takeout Teriyaki Chicken and Rice

If you are having a hectic day, this is an easy go-to make-at-home meal.

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Pad Thai Inspired Wraps

Spring into summer with this light and airy Asian-inspired recipe!

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Takeout Chinese Coleslaw

Do you dream of recreating a Chinese takeout menu at home?

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What's your favorite Chinese restaurant menu item? Tell us below!

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looking for WING"S plum sauce love this

The question was what is our favorite Chinese menu item. My children and I love Chicken Corn Soup. Although as much as I have tried I cannot find a recipe for it. It seems easy enough to replicate but I seem to be doing something wrong. Among our other favorites there is Sweet Sour Pork or Chicken, BBQ Pork Chow Mein Cashew Chicken.

I have been to my fair share of Chinese restaurants and buffets in my lifetime. The buffets are the best deal. You get to sample so many different dishes. I love all the different flavors and tastes of chicken. Orange chicken is a yummy dish with a sweet little tang to it. This is a great set of recipes to save to your collection and keep as a reference for future dishes.

Im looking for the recipe for Elephant Bar Crispy Honey Orange Shrimp

I have been looking for a recipe for Chrispy fried duck. Our local Chinese take-out restaurant changed hands and the new owners don't make it!!!

Wanton soup, Cream cheese Rangoon,Chicken Lomien,Spring rolls,Egg drop soup,Combo fried rice,Steamed dumplings and the Sauce, Yum Yum sauce. I would love all these recipes. Thank you.

Whoa! You've got like a full menu here. That's amazing. I'll be munching on Chinese food for months!

would like recipe for chinese casserole with imation lobster, creamy sauce and cheese. rating is 4 stars

#BestIdeaEver Thanks for putting in these great Chinese recipes. I love Chinese food, but hardly ever find good Chinese Restaurants in our area!

I am looking for the sauce that comes with steamed dumplings. We have a chinese resturant named Lin Garden, And there sauce is second to none. It's in Poinciana FL.

My friends and I love getting Chinese take-out and binge watching netflix. It'll be so much fun to try making these recipes ourselves.

I do love the occasional Chinese takeout, but it would be so fun to try making some of these dishes myself! There are so many options here...I can see all of my favorites listed.

Do you have a Recipe for Chinese Red Sauce. The dipping sauce you get when you order Chinese BBQ Pork or Fried Shrimp

I think you might be looking for sweet and sour sauce. You could try our "Simple Sweet and Sour Sauce" recipe in the list above.

Crab Rangoon. Though the Dragon and Phoenix roll my local eatery had a while back was great, too.

Peking Sesame Chicken.

Szechuan Beef from T'Jins

looking for Chinese Special Soup and the other heavy duty soup (can't remember the name).

I'm looking for chinese BBQ chicken or spareribs.

Like the "Chinese Spare Ribs" over on Mr Food?


I am looking for a good beef and broccoli recipe and a good sweet and sour pork recipe.

my favorite is chicken on a stick

Sesame Chicken and Sesame Beef Great excellent everywhere I get it.

I would like a chicken finger recipe. Cus who doesnt go out to eat at a chinese restuaraunt and not get the chicken fingers that are breaded and fried?! They're so good.

I would like a crab Rangoon recipe one on the sweet side with the artificial crab sorry but I like it better in these

Does anyone know how to make the cream in Twinkies and ding dongs and the old ring dings?

Look up the recipe for Twinkie cupcakes on this site, this might be what you want.

I would like a fried rice recipe that uses snow pea pods, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, green onions, been sprouts and BBQ pork. Like the restaurant I used to go to called Dan Chan's in Fitchburg Mass Yummy that fried rice was so good and I have never found any other fried rice that even came closes to it wonderful taste. Does any one know how they made it? or what they used for sauce in it?

I would love some receipts for some chinese soup.

I would love the recipe for pan fried noodles from fongs chinese dinners in fresno, california. thanks schipps

If anyone is familiar with The Shrimp Pocket in Tallahassee, Florida, I would love a recipe for the shrimp batter and the sauce they use. Thank you.

Fantastic!!! But I would like the recipe for olive gardens soup called Chicken Genocchi(I'm not sure that is the correct spelling for the last word,but thats what it sounds like) it was so good but I'm not sure they even still serve it. It's been a little while since I've been there.


I would like the recipe for King Buffet's crab casserole

Me Too..

don't run your mouse over the under lined words that is were your pop ups are

Looks wonderful except for the pop up advertising.


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